Happy Independence Day Wishes 2018 15th August Quotes, SMSes

Happy Independence Day Wishes 2018: Freedom does not come easily ask those who have fought for freedom. Dear civilians of India this is the time when we feel free to do, free to speech, free to work, free to travel anywhere just because we are free to do anything legal in this world though the time that bring us freedom we must celebrate with our loving ones. Wishing you all Happy Independence Day 2018. The time has come to celebrate Happy Independence Day and send Happy Independence Day Wishes 2018, Happy Independence Day Messages, Quotes, SMS to your friends, family and relatives all around the world. We have a huge collection of 15th August Independence Day Wishes 2018 and messages, SMS that are recently released over internet and fresh and new in quality. Send Happy Independence Day Wishes 2018 to everyone and make them feel freedom on this special occasion.
Happy Independence Day Wishes 2018

Happy Independence Day Messages 2018

It has been declared as the National Holiday all across India. Independence Day celebrated by the people all over India on 15th of August, This year in 2018, India will celebrate its 72nd Independence Day to pay tribute and remember all the freedom fighters that had contributed a lot and fought for the Independence of India. The first time Indian Independence Day was celebrated on 15th of August in 1947. So You can Send Best Independence day Wishes Greeting and Quotes and Status for Whatsapp, Independence day Quotes & Independence day Messages in Hindi to Your Friends and Family.
Happy Independence Day Wishes 2018

Happy Independence Day Wishes 2018 Messages

  1. “The future, progress, and development of our great country does not lie solely on technological improvement, but on how we build social cohesion and trust between our nation and its people. That way, we can build a great nation we all can rely on and be proud of. Happy 15th of August!”
  2. “As a nation, we need good leaders. Leaders who we all can trust, the kind of leaders who always put public interests above their political or personal interests, so that the yearnings and aspirations of the commoners can be realized. This is my message to all as we mark this year Independence Day anniversary. Have a fun celebration.”
  1. “As we celebrate our nation’s independence day, let’s remember our past leaders who lost their lives in the battle for the freedom we are enjoying today. Have a wonderful independence day.”
  2. “Every citizen should have a sense of belonging wherever they found themselves. Let all our politicians rise to the great task of building social trust between the people and the nation. By so doing, we can have peace and stability in our country. Here’s wishing everyone a happy freedom day celebration.”
  3. “Freedom does not come so easily. We are indebted to our national heroes who made this country what it is today. As patriotic citizens, let’s put extra effort to perform our own civic rights and responsibilities. Our diversities should not be seen as a weakness but as our strength. It is only by working together that we can build a resilience nation.”
  4. “Your contribution towards moving the country forward is very important. We need to be mindful of how our actions and in-actions affect other people’s well-being. Have a fun filled celebration.”
  5. Let us think of something we can do for our nation to make it a place of wealth, peace, and happiness. Here’s wishing you and your family a safe and happy Independence Day.”

The most peaceful country to live in the world.
  1. “As we celebrate our nation’s independence, here’s wishing you and your family the best the nation has to offer.”
  2. “As we remember our national heroes today, let’s renew our pledge to always uphold our national unity so that we can live together in peace and harmony.” Happy Independence Day!
  3. “May the flag of our country always fly high and higher as we mark our [insert year] Independence Day.”
  4. “Again, it is time for us to show other nations that we are great people from a great nation. And let's continue our struggle towards prosperity and betterment of our dear nation. Have a wonderful Independence Day.”
  1. “As we mark our [insert year] Independence Day today, start to think of something that you have done to better the welfare of the people. If none, then start to think of what can be done towards improving the general well-being of the people. Happy Independence Day!"
  2. “I am pleased and honored to be part of this peaceful and free nation. Here’s wishing everyone a safe and happy Independence Day celebration.”
  3. “The labor of our past leaders should not be in vain. As we rejoice today, let’s remember them and pledge to always strive hard towards upholding the freedom and unity they fought for. Have a wonderful Independence Day.”
A nation of pride. Happy Independence Day!
  1. “Today marks our nation’s [insert year] Independence Day, we need to change our attitude towards others, say no to corruption, and give every citizen a sense of belonging, doing these things can build and sustain the kind of nation our past heroes dream of and laid down their lives for.”
  2. "Never limit it till Independence Day, always remember the sacrifice of our national heroes who took the country where it is today. United we stand, let us as good people strive hard and working together to build a virile indivisible nation that is filled with peace, love, happiness and prosperity.”
  3. “Let’s remind ourselves of the message delivered on the day our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Let’s pledge to always say no to violence and terrorism. Protect the nation’s security and unity and feel proud of being a citizen of this great country. Here’s wishing you a fun filled Independence Day.”
  4. “This country deserves your loyalty, not only on a special day like this but always. Have a fun celebration.”
  5. “Each time I remember those who laid down their lives for this Day of Freedom we are celebrating, tears roll down from my eyes. I wish they are alive today to see how the country is progressing to greatness.”
  6. “If I am giving an opportunity of being born into this world again, I will choose to live my life over and over again in this great country filled with happiness, love, and shared prosperity. Happy 15th of August!”
Proud of being a citizen of a free country.

Happy Independence Day Wishes 2018

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